21 Random Tidbits About Me

1.  I experience a lot of deja vu. Sometimes I dream about my future and it helps me know which decision I’m meant to make. It’s happened my entire life and it still blows my mind. As a child my brother refused to play games like Go Fish and Guess Who with me because I always knew the answers within seconds.

2. I have a serious addiction to Snickers bars, so it’s rare that I eat them. It’s a trigger to more, more, more!

3. My first exhibition happened in Primary School. A portrait of a class mate was selected to be shown along with pieces from other West Auckland Schools, at a local shopping centre. Throughout school teachers continued to select my creations for focal areas and special occasions.

4. Growing up my family had a pig. We named her Jamie. Apparently I stopped eating pork when my Dad *ahem* took care of her. It took about 20 years before I ate it again.

5. When I started having children, I knew I wanted a big family. Growing up as one of two, often spending a lot of time separated from my brother, the thought of giving each child at least one sibling that had similar personality traits to become best friends with made me decide that that was what I was going to do. Up until I actually had my first child though, for the life of me I couldn’t picture ever wanting even one! How things change…

6. Art has always been my favourite subject! It may also have been the only subject that I actually showed up for at High School…but we’ll keep that between you and me. I’m not that great at creating pieces that resemble photographs but my creativity knows no bounds. Thanks to my teacher Mrs Withey who recognised my love of art when I was just 5 years old.

7. I have always been physically strong. I’m still discovering how strong I can be. Winning arm wrestling matches against the boys in my class was normal, much to their horror. I may have watched Over the Top a few too many times.

8. Kung Fu movies are my jam!

9. Writing wasn’t something I ever realised I was good at. One day I just started documenting life online. The next thing I knew I’d created a business and was part of competition in line for a blogging job with Stuff.co.nz. I placed fourth out of over 500 entrants. There was a revolt among the readers on the day my posts didn’t appear but by the time the sun rolled around to greet another morning, I was yesterdays news. Literally. Oh fickle life.

10. I’m completely addicted to Dr Pimple Popper! It’s soooo therapeutic for some disgusting reason.

11. I really wish I was taller.

12. The word soulmates makes my skin crawl. Swolemates on the other hand gets me all amped up.

13. I am currently going through a divorce. Pretty sure that everyone affected by this is excited about it.

14. Nine times out of ten, when someone is asked to choose one word to describe me, they pick the word ‘Happy’. This makes me proud.

15. If I could eat leftovers for breakfast every day, I would. Truly, is there anything better?!

16. The only magazine subscriptions I’ve ever had, have been to interior design, or healthy living publications. This sentence alone summarises who I am as a person.

17. I am a firm believer in the power of visualisation, and the law of attraction.

18. Helping someone, child or adult, to learn something new or to change the way they see life is high on my priority list.

19. My fears include spiders, the music in horror movies, and being deathly afraid of deep water.

20. You’re likely to find me wearing a dress. I don’t own a lot of pants. Dresses just make me happy!

21. I was born in Western Samoa. My ethnic background is pretty diverse as my family has been mixing it up for generations. I look more like my Father than my Mother and I have inherited my paternal grandmothers cheeks… as have all the females on that side!

Your turn! Do you think you can come up with 21 tidbits about yourself? Let me know in the comments.



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