Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Ba-ack!

It’s waiting. I can feel it in my gut. I was so close once before and I had to let it go just so I could breathe.

Gone are those lovely days of 2am chilling in bed (because I’m a night owl), using 10 minutes of my day to write a blog post, pressing that ‘Publish’ button and that was it. After years of not even realising what I was doing, I had created a business that on the daily, was making me an income, while my children slept in their bedrooms next to me. Ohhh, it was good.

They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. But I knew. I just lost the ability to function as my old self and I needed time away. So that’s what I did. I took a break.  When I attempted to bring it back to life, it was gone. I was one month too late. Everything I’d worked on for the past 7 years had disappeared into the unknown. Dumped by cyberspace never to be seen again.

But that’s ok!

Because now I get to relaunch.

So everybody, here I am. My name’s Chavah and I write… a lot. This is Creating My Reality! It’s a place that I want you to be excited to visit. It’s where a person goes to grow. Here, we’ll learn to use our talents to the best of our ability, and develop new ones we never knew we wanted to have. We step outside our comfort zones here. We don’t hide from our realities. We embrace them, no matter how off course they may be. Then we learn how to steer them in the direction of our dreams.

We fall….

Well, I fall.

I fall hard.

But I get back up because I’m a fighter. I don’t know how to stay down. There’s too much to lose if I do. I surround myself with other fighters. I invite you to be one of them. Survival has happened. Now it’s time to thrive.

Welcome to Creating My (Your) Reality.




2 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Ba-ack!

  1. Anna says:

    OMG how did I miss your relaunch??? So happy to see you blogging again! Site looks fab (on my phone anyway, at the crib just now) and I like what you’ve written 👍
    Welcome back!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • creatingmyrealitynz says:

      Anna!! I’m still doing so much behind the scenes work on this that I haven’t massively pushed out a public relaunch yet, but I’m definitely writing! Hold tight though because an official launch will be coming. So glad you noticed! xx


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