What I Learned from Failing Today

Today I achieved a new goal. It was 5 minutes of pure happiness.

You see, I love to deadlift. If you’re not sure what a deadlift is, it’s this:

It’s one of my favourite exercises as it’s a compound movement, which means it engages multiple muscles or muscle groups in your body. Anyone that thinks about that for a second will understand that that means you’re getting more bang for your buck (well, effort), so what’s not to love. Get a nice butt while you’re engaging your core and leaning out those arms? That’s a yes from me!

Now, onto what this article is actually about.


What I learned from failing today.

So why is it that my excitement of achieving a deadlift of 135kg, a lift of five more kgs than my last recent personal best, which may not sound like much but you go add even 2 more kg to your max and tell me how you go… why was my celebration so short lived? It’s because as soon as I achieved that goal, I created a new one.

It’s not that I am unhappy with that result. Not at all! The reason I let that celebration of mine, live only momentarily, is because in that moment I grew.

I was no longer Chavah that can lift 130kg. I was now Chavah that can lift 135kg. She’s even more badass than the last version. (I apologise for being so humble.)

Then came time to focus. I took off the small 2.5kg weights and switched them for the 5’s, scrolled through my playlist to find a song that puts me in ‘The Zone’ and stepped up to the bar.

I pulled.

It moved!

My grip started to give. I dropped it.

So I waited a few minutes and stepped up again.

The same thing happened.


And Again.

And Again.

And again.

I kept this cycle going until my hands began to tear. I went until they were so sensitive that I couldn’t even touch the bar without pain shooting through my palms.

I failed.

And I am better for it. Because now… now I have the chance to grow even more. I’ve learned that there is a goal in my life that I want to achieve so badly that I have to level up! I’m hungry for it. I want to destroy it. The drive in me is so intense, that I will do what it takes to achieve this desire. The training, the eating, the exhaustion and pain. There is an even greater version of myself out there, welcoming me to come and become it.

And I cannot wait.

Your goal may not be to get a greater deadlift. Your personal goal may be to make it through the day without raising your voice at your children. It’s possible that you may be aiming to break the ever-so-comfortable pattern of procrastination. Or perhaps you’re tired of justifying your unnecessary spending. Maybe what you really want in life is to master the art of saying No!

No matter, recognise that goal. Go after it. Grow. Do something in your near future that at this very moment, for whatever reason, you’re struggling to do. Find the way.

You’ll thank yourself for it.




What are some of your current goals? I’m always fascinated by what people are setting out to accomplish!











2 thoughts on “What I Learned from Failing Today

  1. Jen says:

    Wow, this was incredibly inspiring! I’ve just started lifting weights again, it’s been a difficult climb to get back (if that’s possible) to where I used to be. This is a nice little push!

    Liked by 1 person

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