Do the Hard Thing

I’m currently working on a project with one of my closest friends. That alone was a worrying thought in the beginning and I’m sure at times it will flitter through my mind again.

Today, however, it was the reason I did the hard thing.

As I sat down to check my emails after lunch, I noticed that she had sent through some writings on a challenge that we are both currently undertaking. As if the challenge alone isn’t hard enough, it was also this friend of mines first time writing. Something I know from experience is an incredibly daunting task! Especially when you, yourself, are the subject.

My plans to relax and take it easy for the afternoon went out the window as soon as I saw her effort. If it was good enough for her to put in work, then I had definitely better put some effort in as well. We’re meant to be in this thing together after all.

Physically I was exhausted. I had left it all in the gym this morning. The sweat was dripping from every pore and at one point when I was lying on the floor trying to catch my breath between exercises, the owner of the gym stopped in his path, stood there watching for a moment and jokingly yelled out once he saw me moving “I was worried you might need CPR!”.

A sweaty selfie from today as proof.


There was also an older man that stopped walking to clap and start cheering at me as I was using some of the new equipment for jumps and step us. That booty work will get the guys every time ladies…. even if you don’t want them. Ick!

Anyway, I was about ready to collapse by the time I got home.

But once I opened the tabs on my screen to pull together her first ever published blog post, my mind saw how to link all the little bits and pieces that I had been procrastinating working on (because the pieces weren’t quite clicking), turning my lazy afternoon, into one of incredible productivity! We’re now further ahead on the schedule than I anticipated. Woo hoo! Action causing positive reactions for the win.

Meanwhile, Charlie woke up halfway through my focused mission and this is now what my floor looks like:


Mum life. Whatchya gonna do.




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