Accepting Opportunity

I’m a big believer in the law of attraction.

People doubt… but because of experiences in my own life, I truly believe it’s a thing!

Intend it – Action it – Receive it

Carrying on from my last post, you can see that I like to keep myself busy. On any given day if you ask me what I’m up to, I’ll underplay it because in person I keep my business quiet.

Why? Because I basically just become awkward and withdrawn when I feel there is too much attention on me! I prefer to keep my interactions carefree and fun instead of allowing the intensity of my inner thoughts to rule what I say.

What can I say? Split personality. A true Gemini!

So here’s the deal folks.

I have goals, I hope you do too. Goals that I have been consistently working at my entire life. From learning how to ride a bike, and tell the time. (Yes, I wrote out those goals as a child!) To becoming a paid blogger, re-establishing a happiness-filled life surrounded by friends and family in Auckland, and making a specific figure for my income. I reached each of those goals.

But now I have some goals that scare me and feel way out of my league. Unlike my usual self I’ve been struggling to make sense of things. Too many ideas, too much overwhelm, not enough energy and for some reason a huge amount of doubt in my own abilities. I’m worn out and stuck, not even knowing where to begin anymore.

Last week I found myself on Google trying to find someone that might be able to coach me and offer some tools to help me get out of my own way because I can see myself achieving these goals, even if I haven’t figured out all the details yet. I’m just scared! And rightly so. The past 4 years I’ve been in fight or flight mode and I’m afraid of getting stuck there again. The worst thing I could do is to do nothing though, and the thought of living a life where I do nothing because of fear scares me far more than sucking it up and addressing my fears.

The thought of a coach was nice for a fleeting minute, but far out of my league cost wise.

Here's a big warm hug to wish you a

Fast forward to this week.

I received an invitation to work with… wait for it… a coach and her team to be part of a project that selects 6 ‘Women of Influence’. The project involves teaching techniques that are usually offered to deputy CEO’s to help them take that step to become CEO’s. The idea is to offer us 6 women these same tools taught high up in business, because as women, we have such a solid presence in communities and the lives of our families that if we’re taught the tools and techniques, we can grow stronger ourselves, which in turn helps lead our families and strengthen our communities. Our influence is strong and if you don’t believe me… go talk to your Mother.

This morning I met with the coach, to see if this project would be a good fit for me. My anxiety levels were sky high pre-meeting but halfway through I felt a huge calm over me, and now I’m just ridiculously excited to be part of this experience it’s creative process, and to learn and grow.

The team is made up of the coach, a creative writer, a top photographer and a knowledgeable social worker. Together the team offer various ways to document this entire project. We’re also encouraged to get involved with the creative process, and one of the ways specific to me, is to journal. Helloooooo Creating My Reality!

I’m not sure how things will evolve from here but I’m welcoming of every challenge, every tear and every triumph. You cannot grow stronger by standing still. Just like a muscle…. you break down and get torn apart, you recover from your wounds, then you grow stronger.



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