What Does Success Look Like?

Recently I attended my first life coaching session. Having never been around this type of thing before, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

That day I was sick as a dog. Felt absolutely terrible! On a day that I desperately should have stayed in bed to rest and recover, I dragged myself out to show my commitment to this project.

Usually if someone is sick my honest opinion is ‘don’t be a hero’. Just rest for goodness sake! However, I look at this opportunity as a gift. One that I want to make the most of. Had it been any other appointment I would have postponed it, but seeing as it was our first official meeting, I went along.


I am not kidding you.

Who knew this type of thing was so emotional!

From the very first action of picking up our ‘opening card’ to the feelings of excitement and comfort that I still have going today.

life coaching nz

Our opening card. My family is said to have descended from the octopus.

During the session I found myself taking part in an exercise that had me looking to visualise ‘What success looks like to you’.

I’ve used visualisation techniques in my life before, but what we did in that room was next level.

I could feel it so intensely I was crying. I was right there in this vision living it. Hearing everything that was going on around me. I could see the colours vividly. The people were physically different because time had passed but I knew exactly who they were. I smelt it, tasted it. I was touching it.

When we came back to reality I knew I wanted it with everything in me.

life coaching nz

My version of success is very different to what I imagined it would be. As a woman that likes to challenge herself to excel at every aspect of her life, I expected that I would be seeing myself in a career setting, or maybe even something relating to my training goals. Those things were there, and I saw glimpses of them on the journey to my version of success. They weren’t what I seemed to deem success though. What I did see was deeply personal so I will just keep it quiet for now. Sorry folks!

Brainstorming for the creative side of the project.

The exercise awakened all my senses and gave me the ability to lock in my vision and the belief that I can achieve it. I felt it vibrate through my entire body and I’ve secured it in my heart.

I opened my eyes and said through the tears “It appears I’m a very simple woman.”

A second later I said the words, “It’s done.” because I have such a strong belief that it is coming.

So if ever you wanted to know if coaching is worthwhile, or a ‘real thing’. I’m telling you now that it’s incredible. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

If I were to ask you what success looks like, could you picture what that looks like for you? I’d love to know!


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