Renovation Project – Day 2

I’m baa-ack!

Even though it’s been over a month since we lived through this epic renovation weekend, I swear some of the exhaustion hangover is still lingering in our daily lives.

My plans to spread the project out over 3 weekends so that we didn’t find ourselves pushed to our limits went flying out the window because I had to rely on my partner to communicate the plan to his family and well…. who can guess how that went?

High five buddy. Thanks for that.

So we found ourselves with one week left on our rental lease (and a house that still needed to be completely packed up and moved out), and a space that was nowhere ready for us to move into.

Stress level 100!

The bathroom was leaking, the wallpaper was coming off the walls and hundreds of little holes plagued our walls thanks to the entire space being a free for all dartboard.

Cue mental breakdown for this chick right here.

Somehow (…. meaning I was probably just a bitch not hiding the fact I was pissed off) my partner realised that we needed to get to work on the space ASAP so he took the Friday off to help me get onto prepping the house.

With our toddler in tow we set off to work on an epic 36 hour (probably closer to 40) weekend of work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day two saw the walls stripped of wallpaper. The toilet leak fixed. Holes were filled and walls were sanded and cleaned.

Look at that… 3 sentences that sound like absolutely nothing.

But really.

Thank God my mother in law had coincidentally taken the Friday off too so my toddler was able to go between us.

It was a huge amount of work to get done in one day but I knew if we could get all of the prep work done, we’d have two days to spread the painting over. So that’s what we did! Heads down bums up, we worked like crazy people. Music blasting, exhausted giggles and a lunch break that was made up of a trip to Mitre 10 Mega for materials.

My guy is the hardest worker I’ve ever met so we found out that we work really well as a team on projects like this. We both just get in there and go until a job is done (although he makes me look lazy!) so from sunrise to well after sunset we put in that elbow grease in the hopes of making the next couple of days bearable.

Job well done.

Day 2 Expenses:


Dust and paper everywhere.

Sandpaper $19.98
3 piece Sanding Sponge $6.36
Filling knife $14.28
Filler $11.98

Day 2 Total: $52.60
Renovation Project Total: $92.60

Read about Day 1 here.


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